About Modern Abrasive Corp.

Modern Abrasive Corp. aerial photo
Modern Abrasive Corp., Spring Grove, IL
Located in Spring Grove Illinois, Modern Abrasive has been manufacturing specialty bonded abrasive products for over 40 years. During this period Modern Abrasive has become the largest producer of industrial mounted points in the world.

the best on the planet...

High quality, broad selection, competitive pricing and the best delivery available anywhere are the primary attributes we provide to our customers. When you combine all of that with the fact that we actually say thank you each and every time you place an order, we think you would agree that Modern Abrasive is the absolute best source on the planet for mounted points, sharpening stones and dressing sticks.

the customer comes first...

All of us at Modern Abrasive believe that the customer comes first. Personal service to our customers is a rule rather than an exception. If given the opportunity we will efficiently and sincerely meet your needs.

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