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We provide two convenient ways to receive our printed catalog. You can download an electronic format, or fill out the request form below and we will send a catalog to you.

Electronic Format.

You can download entire catalog at once (1.7Mb), or you may download the catalog in the three sections in which it is organized:

  1. Mounted Points (816K)
  2. Resin Bond Cone and Plug Wheels (160K)
  3. Sharpening Stones, Hand Rubs, Floor Rubs, and Dressing Sticks (588K)

Right-click HERE and "save target as..." (mac users: control-click) to download the file to your computer so that you can view it at your convenience. To view the electronic version of our print catalog, you will require Acrobat Reader from Adobe. This is a free program, and is easy to download and install.

Click on the graphic below to get Acrobat Reader.

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